Private Lessons
Musicians at Play is wholly owned by Mrs. Polly Jimenez and the only private lessons offered by the company are offered by her. Since her is I, the following will be in the first person:

Adults: I am available weekday mornings for private lessons in piano, violin, and viola. The fee is $50/hour.

School age students: I am available for lessons May through September. The fee is $50/hour. From October through early May, I am the music coordinator for a wonderful music lesson program, run by the Recreation Services Division of the City of Stamford, CT (See below), and am not available for afternoon lessons.

School age students: Project Music is a program funded by the City of Stamford which offers private music lessons on many instruments during the school calendar year to Stamford residents in grades 4-12 for a very reasonable rate. The program originally started as a grant program some 30 years ago to support the instrumental programs in the Stamford, CT public schools. It is open to any Stamford resident. Registration for this program is in early September. Lessons run October- early May on the public school calendar. For information call 977-5214 or Mrs. Jimenez at 219-0496.